Managed Solutions

Isn’t it time you achieved more - with less

Communication and collaboration are everything in a successful business - and these days there is no excuse for not staying in touch or being contactable. When you deploy any, or all of, InnerCircle Technology Advisors’s Managed Solutions you’ll instantly be more productive, more efficient and more connected.

Our Managed Solutions are completely customizable allowing you to only pay for, and use, exactly what you need. And thanks to our Cloud solutions you’ll be able to migrate your technology and have it delivered to you over the Internet, freeing up valuable office space, lowering your server running costs and adding an extra layer of security.

Managed Solutions from InnerCircle include:

  • Private Cloud & Public Cloud - transfer your technology to a Private Cloud solution and rest assured that you, and only you, have access to it; or let us host your technology for you in our secure, off-site redundant data center
  • Application Hosting:
    • Email & Instant Messaging - stay connected with employees, co-workers, clients and suppliers with user-friendly inboxes and chat applications
    • Mail Filtering & Encryption - nobody likes spam and our filtering services eliminate the nuisance, while encryption keeps your information private.
    • Compliance Archive - depending on your industry, complying with legal mandates can be crucial - we have a solution to ensure you meet guidelines.
    • Document & File Collaboration - make working simpler for everyone; from your staff and customers to your vendors by sharing files in one unified place.
  • Online Backup - what would happen if you lost your data due to a server crash? How quickly would you be back up and running? We have your back!
  • Voice Solutions - when an email just won’t cut it you need a telephony solution that allows you to connect just as effectively as a large organization.
  • Audio & Video Conferencing - a must whether you have one other branch in the tri-state area or a string of offices across the globe.
  • Security Services - protect your employees, your clients and your business with compliant security solutions that ensure the safety of your data.

Managed Solutions from InnerCircle encompass everything a small business needs to run a competitive and compliant organization.

Get the services you need and watch your business grow.
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